Printable Specs
Monitor Wall

53’ Straight HD


Video Production

Grass Valley Kayenne 400/25
  4 ME switcher w/ 96 in by 48 out
  30 keyers, 16 DPM, Device Control,
  and 32 RGB Color Correctors
Utah 400, 96x216 HD Video Router
  84x84 AES Audio Router, 128x128 MADI
  and 40x40 Audio Router

Tape / Servers

(2) 6 ch EVS LSMXT(2)
(1) 4 ch EVS LSMXT(2)
(1) 4 ch EVS ROXT(2) / Spot Box
EVS XT(2) X-File w/ GIG-E
FastForward w/ up converters
GVG K2 Solo 4 ch clip player
(1) Sony HDW-1800 HDCAM
(1) Panasonic AJ-1800 DVCPRO
(2) Sony DVW-500 Digibeta
(2) DNF controllers
(wired for 4 EVS and 6 tape)

System Equipment

(10) Cobalt Upconverters
(10) Cobalt Downconverters
(12) Evertz UP/Down/Frame Sync
(4) AJA FS1
EEG HD480 Closed Captioning Encoder

Cameras / Lenses

(8) Ikegami HDK-77EC Cameras
(6) Ikegami SE-79/LCD expanders
(2) LPS (CCD) Cameras
(1) Canon 100x9.3  w/2x extender
(2) Canon 86x9.3  w/2x extender
(3) Canon 72x9.3  w/2x extender
(3) Canon 22x7.6  w/2x extender
(1) Canon 4.3x wide angle
(wired for 12 cameras)



Chyron Duet HyperX3
2 channels plus clip player
Cabled for VizRT

Codi Telestrator


(8) 17" LCD
(analog or HDMI)


Calrec Omega w/ Bluefin
  Digital 56 Channel Mixing Desk with
  full EQ and Surround Sound
2 (DBX 160) 2 (DBX 266A) limiter/compressors
DigiCart II plus w/ zip drive
Sony MiniDisc, CD player, Cassette player
(2) Telos Link
(4) audio phone couplers
(2) TIFF 2000
Full complement of Microphone, headsets
  and accessories
Telos 1x6 available upon request

Intercom Communications

RTS Adam 64x64 Intercom System
RTS IFB System, 8 channel w/SA
Telephone System, 5 station, 6 line
2-Way UHF Radios, base with 6 portables

Dimensions / Power

208v, single phase, 200 amps
53' trailer length, 75' with truck
13' 6" height clear
9' wide with stairs