Alliance Productions is pleased to announce that Kodiak Mobile Television, based in
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, has joined Alliance as a partner to provide mobile television facilities throughout North America. Kodiak Mobile operates a high-quality 45-foot mobile unit, Kodiak Grizz HD. “We welcome Kodiak Mobile Television as the newest partner to the Alliance family. Kodiak Mobile will be a valuable addition to our overall facilities lineup, offering another level of service to help us better serve our clients,” said Craig Farrell, President, Alliance Productions.

“Kodiak Mobile Television is proud to become part of highly respected Alliance Productions. Alliance has an excellent reputation in the large truck marketplace and Kodiak Mobile is excited to help propel Alliance into the mid-market corporate and entertainment production venue,” said Paul Bronsteader, co-owner, Kodiak Mobile Television.

Bronsteader and David Kearnes, partners in Kodiak Production Group since 2009, formed a new company in 2013, Kodiak Mobile Television and launched their first mobile unit. “We built Kodiak Grizz HD with an eye toward the mid-level sports and corporate shows. Grizz HD rolls with the same production tools clients and crew are used to having. GVG switcher, Calrec Audio board, EVS, Chyron- big production tools in a smaller, more cost effective package,” said David Kearnes, co-owner. “With on board EFP, iso record Ki Pros, plus Final Cut or Avid editing, we are a perfect fit for post-produced programming and large scale turnkey corporate events.”

The Kodiak Grizz HD standard equipment complement features a Grass Valley Kayenne switcher, a Calrec Omega 5.1 audio console, two EVS six-channel XT Nano replay servers, a Utah Scientific 400s router, Chyron Hyper X graphics, and seven GVG LDK 3000 cameras with Fujinon lenses. Ten AJA Ki Pro Rack Hard Drive recorders support the on-board editing options.
Recognized as an industry leader in facilities and client satisfaction, Alliance Productions works closely with broadcasters on a national, regional and local level to provide them with the appropriate level of service and support. Alliance Productions is the largest partnership of mobile truck providers in North America and with the addition of Kodiak Mobile, now includes ten partner companies.

For more information about Alliance Productions and Kodiak Mobile Television, visit:

Chuck McKean (501) 823-2129
Director, PR & Business Development, Alliance Productions

Paul Bronsteader (630) 805-1489
Co-owner, Kodiak Mobile Television

David Kearnes (918) 798-4918
Co-owner, Kodiak Mobile Television

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